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Corporate Social Responsibility


As a responsible corporate citizen, LANXESS combines corporate social responsibilities with corporate growth. We put great effort in supporting the local community and educational institutions. At the same time, LANXESS continues promoting Sino-German exchanges of culture and human resources, with a vision to create long-term value for our society.

Responsible Care

LANXESS accepts a responsible role in caring for the environment and emphatically supports the Responsible Care® initiative. By applying the principles of the Responsible Care® Charter, we are contributing our share to protect the environment, improve health, and ensure safety. We at LANXESS are convinced that only through  sustainable development and responsible actions can we guarantee a successful future for chemistry.

LANXESS holds Public Open Days at local community sites, aiming to share with the public LANXESS’ innovative technologies and solutions for sustainable development.

LANXESS holds joint HSE workshops along with China Petroleum and the Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF) to share experiences and best practices on health, safety and environmental protection (HSE) with both industrial chain upstream and downstream enterprises, as well as relevant governmental departments; thereby promoting the sustainable development of the chemical industry in China.

LANXESS has worked hand-in-hand with several international chemical enterprises to launch the Together for Sustainability (TfS) initiative, aiming to develop and implement a global supplier engagement program, in order to promote the continual sustainability of  global supply chain.

LANXESS donates chemical kits, developed by LANXESS, to local community elementary schools in order to help them learn basic chemistry knowledge and increase their interest in exploring chemistry, providing kits for over 5,000 students.


LANXESS is active in educational initiatives. LANXESS has offered scholarships to 3 middle schools and 3 universities in the past 10 years in China. In total, over 300 students have benefited from the scholarships.

LANXESS has launched the LANXESS-PASCH scholarship with the Goethe-Institute China to support outstanding Chinese students who study German at the Goethe Institute in China with an intention to go to German universities after high school graduation. The main objective is to enhance Sino-European understanding and to help students to pave an international career in a globalizing world.

LANXESS has worked hand-in-hand with the Goethe-Institute China to launch LANXESS-PASCH dream career program in China to provide excellent senior high school students with internship opportunities with LANXESS China.

Aifeng Lu, student from Changzhou Vocational Institute of Engineering

“LANXESS has stimulated my interest in the chemical industry and lets me really understand the outlook of my major in a thorough and purposeful manner. It has laid the foundation for me to find a job that I’m satisfied with after my graduation.”

Xi Zhang, student from Liyang Nandu Primary Middle School

“The LANXESS scholarship for me is an honor, recognition and also a helpful aide. It rewards us materially as well as spiritually. It allows us to be better devoted to study and gradually grow in the pursuit of knowledge.”

Tianren Zhu, student from Shanghai Jiaotong University

“The one-month internship with LANXESS has enabled me to become much more confident and mature. What’s more important is that I have learned the corporate culture of LANXESS: dedicated, pragmatic, and collaborative.”

Culture exchange

Since 2007, when LANXESS introduced the Young Euro Classic in China, the event has magnetized the most talented young musicians from Germany and China to perform in China’s major cities every year.  Bringing together young people from different cultures through traditional and contemporary music of the highest quality – that was the inspiration for the “LANXESS Young Euro Classic China Concerts”.

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