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LANXESS employees are our precious assets. In the past 10 years, LANXESS has grown with our employees. On the 10th anniversary of LANXESS, many employees who have been with us for years also recall their growth experience with the company and express their best wishes.

Biao Chen

LANXESS (Liyang) Polyols Co., Ltd

“I have been with LANXESS for almost 9 years now, from project manager to general manager of the plant. LANXESS has given me many opportunities to gain in-depth knowledge of business and help me achieve career development. I would like to use the following words to express my perspective on the current development of LANXESS: energetic, foresight, strategic vision, fast reacting and proactive optimization. For the future, I hope LANXESS can develop in a fast and stable manner.”

Baojia Cheng

LANXESS High Performance Elastomers business unit

“I think LANXESS has a very clear strategy and creates a well recognized and accepted corporate culture. LANXESS has achieved great success in business operation as well as talent development.”

Condy Lok

LANXESS Rhein Chemie Additive business unit

“I am grateful to observe and experience a noticeable improvement in my qualities and skills after working for LANXESS for the past 10 years. LANXESS has always been providing employees with precious opportunities to work overseas. Through communicating with people from different countries, I find out my strengths, and of course, my weaknesses, which helps me to improve and to become a better person. Many thanks to my company for giving me lots of chances to explore myself.”

Kevin Wang

LANXESS Rhein Chemie Additive business unit

“As a German company rich in legacy, LANXESS has been developing steadily. And it has been well recognized by more and more customers by virtue of its extraordinary performances and considerate services. I was recruited to the company after graduating from university and haven’t changed my job in the past eleven years, even back at the time when everyone was restless and unsettled. It’s very rare among my classmates, which makes me proud. I have joined a wonderful team and met a nice boss so that I can work happily hard  every day. ”

Martin Hoch

LANXESS High Performance Elastomers business unit

“The work is most interesting when there are more facets to it, like R&D, product development and customer interaction.  Sometimes I am involved in all of those steps. In these situations the work is most exciting.”


Tire & Specialty Rubber business unit

“To me, LANXESS has always been young and vigorous. So is its development: rapid and purposeful. I feel that I have grown together with LANXESS from a newbie in workplace to a leader of a small team. The development of LANXESS drives me to grow as well. I hope that LANXESS can be better and stronger in the future.”

Wai Hong Loh

LANXESS (Wuxi) High Performance Composite Materials Co.,Ltd

“Through a decade’s development, LANXESS has become a leading supplier in the chemical industry. The rapid growth in China is a particularly important part of LANXESS’ evolution. All the achievements not only come from the market’s demands, but more importantly are rooted in LANXESS itself in the past ten years: attract clients with quality products, responsibly care for staff, and repay society with commitments, which is the greatest pride and motivation for LANXESS as a company with the sense of responsibility.”

Zigang Chen

LANXESS Information Technology department

“I believe LANXESS’ development so far has been quite a success. Its activities have become more approachable for consumers, such as concerts, climbing perilous peaks in Tibet, etc. LANXESS has won public recognition. The fast development of LANXESS also provides large space for me to develop. Although I have stayed in the IT department from the beginning, I’ve been constantly learning and identifying my deficiencies to adapt myself to future needs.”

Daniel Huang

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments business unit

“I have enjoyed every assignment in LANXESS so far. New assignments are always opportunities for me to learn new things and handle different challenges. I always take new assignments as chances to make contribution to the business and strengthen my ability of professional competition.”

Joyce Wang

LANXESS Global Procurement and Logistics department

“LANXESS has achieved great success as global, reputable company listed in Frankfurt Stock Exchange. As a member in the LANXESS family, I hope I can contribute more to the company in the future.”

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