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On September 20, 2018, LANXESS received the "CSR China TOP 100” and “Beautiful China Environmental Protection Award” at the 2018 3rd “CSR China Education Award” ceremony. This award was initiated by Central Committee of the Communist Youth League of China, supported by Ministry of Education and MIIT.

On September 17, 2018, LANXESS received the "2018 China Automobile & Parts Industry Developing & Innovation Award" in the category “Material Innovation” for its high performance material application on innovative light weight solution.


LANXESS received the National Green Plant certificate for its plant in Ningbo from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) of the People’s Republic of China. It is the first and only global iron oxide manufacturer to date to receive National Green Plant certification.


On January 24, 2018, LANXESS received the “CSR Enterprise Award” at the 2nd China CSR Annual Summit organized by Jiemian under Shanghai United Media Group, for its achievements on environmental responsibility, promoting stainable development of chemical industry, support for science education and employee development.



LANXESS expands global production network for high-tech plastics in Changzhou,China.


Acquisition of US-based Chemtura Corporation



Chemours business department moved to LANXESS Greater China Headquarters


LANXESS and Saudi Aramco rubber joint venture to be launched on April 1, 2016, under the name ARLANXEO.


LANXESS Taipei office went into operation.



LANXESS inaugurated its EPDM (ethylene propylene diene) rubber plant in Changzhou, which produces products tailored to the requirements of customers in China and elsewhere in Asia. The plant worth an investment of EUR 235 million is the largest investment the company has made in China to date.

LANXESS opened a production line for Rhenoshape high-performance tire curing bladders at its Qingdao production site. It is LANXESS’ first Rhenoshape production line in Asia. The new production line is equipped with state-of-the-art technology to manufacture curing bladders for lightweight commercial vehicle tires and passenger car tires. It leverages the latest findings in bladder technology and provides customers with a combination of brand new compression and injection presses


LANXESS completed construction works at its inorganic pigments in Ningbo. The total investment at the Ningbo site is around EUR 60 million for an initial annual synthesis capacity of 25,000 metric tons and a mixing and milling plant for inorganic pigments with an annual capacity of 70,000 metric tons. The plant will produce highly saturated red iron oxide pigments for the global market.



LANXESS is strengthening its production network in China to meet the high level of demand for iron oxide pigments and is adding a mixing and milling plant to the pigment plant already under construction in Ningbo. The mixing and milling plant for pigments has an annual capacity of 70,000 metric tons. This plant will process raw pigments from Ningbo and other LANXESS sites for the Asian market.


LANXESS entered an agreement with Changzhou National Hi-Tech District to further invest 35 million euros in building new facilities for storage and transportation of chemical products and a research & development center in Changzhou.

LANXESS started up on schedule the leather chemical plant in Changzhou Yangtze Riverside Industrial Park. With a designed capacity of 50,000 metric tons per year, the plant is the largest of its kind in China. LANXESS invested 30 million Euros in the facility and employs about 150 people.

LANXESS opened a new Asia-Pacific Application Development Center for its high-tech plastics in the Hong Kong Science & Technology Park. The center provides comprehensive and high-value services ranging from concept development support, computer-aided design, computer-aided engineering and mold-design assistance to part testing for the automotive industry and other segments.

LANXESS signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the China Rubber Industry Association (CRIA) to cooperate closely on enhancing the awareness of energy saving, environment protection and safety among Chinese rubber and tire industry with the ultimate goal to further promote green tires.

LANXESS started piling for a premium iron oxide red pigments facility in Ningbo. The plant with highly modern environmental standards will initially have an annual capacity of 25,000 metric tons. The investment of about EUR 55 million will create 150 new jobs.

Rhein Chemie (RCH) invested 3.3 million euros in upgrading its production lines in polymer-bound rubber chemicals and inaugurated a new Rhenogran® production line in Rhein Chemie Qingdao. The new Rhenogran® V9 production line is equipped with state-of-art technology and has an annual capacity of 3,000metric tons.



LANXESS opened Chengdu office enhances its presence in China and further reinforces its business network.

LANXESS has been awarded as one of China’s Top Employers for 2013, by Corporate Research Foundation (CRF), an independent organization that identifies top-performing companies in areas of HR, leadership and strategy.

LANXESS China achieved 1.035 billion euros in sales in 2012.

LANXESS broke ground for the world’s largest ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) plant in Changzhou. The production is expected to start up 2015 and will have a capacity of 160,000 metric tons per year.


LANXESS-TSRC started up with an initial 30,000 metric tons of nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR) in Nantong, China.


LANXESS placed a Chinese offshore Renminbi (CNH) denominated bond in Hong Kong as part of its existing Debt Issuance Program. LANXESS is the first German chemicals company to issue a RMB denominated bond.


LANXESS inaugurated an incinerator at Liyang site. This facility can be used to clean the emissions while generating steam for energy-saving production, and thereby significantly contributes to save energy and reduce emissions of greenhouse gases.


LANXESS opened a Technology Center in Qingdao to serve customers in Asia and China by providing analytical, technical and consultancy services, as well as customized-solutions centered on LANXESS’ flagship product Velcorin.


LANXESS broke ground for the construction of its largest leather chemicals plant in Changzhou, Jiangsu province. The facility with an investment of up to USD 40 million is designed for a capacity of 50,000 metric tons per year and will come on stream in the first half of 2013.

LANXESS inaugurated a new production line for high-tech plastics at its site in Wuxi, Jiangsu province, China. The new production line, representing an investment of Euro 10 million, expands the plant’s annual capacity for high-tech plastics from 40,000 tons per year to 60,000 tons.


LANXESS signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Changzhou Institute of Engineering Technology to work together to develop and enhance a vocational and occupational training center for LANXESS China.


LANXESS broke ground on a new materials distribution center in Wuxi for high-tech plastics. Covering an area of 30,000 square meters in the Wuxi New District, the facility integrates testing center, production site, and the hub for customer service and technical support covering the Asian market as a whole.


LANXESS has been awarded as one of China’s Top Employers for 2011, by Corporate Research Foundation (CRF), an independent organization that identifies top-performing companies in areas of HR, leadership and strategy.


LANXESS announced the largest leather chemicals investment in China ever.  The company will invest USD 40 million in a plant in Changzhou for leather chemicals with 50,000 metric tons per year.  It is planned to go on stream by the first half of 2013 and will produce premium LANXESS leather chemicals for the local Chinese market such as Tanigan®, Isoderm®, Euderm® and Levotan® for various applications like leather tanning, dyeing and finishing.

LANXESS inaugurated a new production unit for high quality black iron oxide pigments at its site in Jinshan, Shanghai.  The produced color shades are the most advanced bluish type black pigments in the industry. With the annual capacity of 10,000 metric tons of black iron oxides, in addition to the already existing 28,000 metric tons of high quality yellow iron oxides, LANXESS can service customers globally out of the most sophisticated iron oxide plant in Asia with these high-end Bayferrox® pigments.


LANXESS-TSRC broke ground in Nantong, China. The plant which will be operated by LANXESS High Performance Elastomers business unit and TSRC Corporation will start production in the first half year of 2012 with the annual capacity of 30,000 metric tons to serve the rapidly growing Chinese market with high-quality grades of Nitrile Rubber (NBR). 


LANXESS inaugurated an upgraded wastewater treatment plant in Liyang, Jiangsu province on July 19, 2010.   The new state-of-the-art facility will help reduce the plant’s emissions to build an even more environmentally sustainable production site.  Meanwhile, LANXESS announced the facility in Liyang will be upgraded in order to expand production capacity.  The first phase is scheduled for completion by the end of 2010 and the second phase by the end of 2011.  The new capacity will be more than double the current one.


LANXESS successfully hosted its first-ever ‘China Rubber Days’ in Macau, Greater China, themed ‘Driving sustainable growth through high-tech innovation’. More than 300 representatives from the industry, academia, government and media joined together at this world-class event to exchange ideas and learned more about synthetic rubber, which helps shape modern life today.


The Inorganic Pigments business unit has also broken ground on a new manufacturing plant for black iron oxide pigments in Jinshan. This plant is scheduled to go on stream in the fourth quarter of 2010, and will have an annual capacity of 10,000 tons. Both facilities in Jinshan ensure the raw material supply for LANXESS Shanghai Pigments, a mixing and milling pigment plant in Taopu.

LANXESS signed a letter of intent with the China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association (CPCIA) to strengthen existing ties. Both parties have agreed to cooperate closely in the future on issues such as policies, development planning, environmental protection legislation and future trend analysis in the chemical industry.

LANXESS inaugurated a new production line for the leather chemical LEVOTAN® at its site in Wuxi, with initially an additional output of 1,800 metric tons per year.


LANXESS completed the acquisition of the chemical businesses and production assets belonging to China’s Jiangsu Polyols Chemical Co. Ltd.  Subsequently, the new legal entity LANXESS (Liyang) Polyols Co, Ltd was founded.


LANXESS announced to acquire the business and production assets of Jiangsu Polyols Chemical Co., Ltd. in Jiangsu province, China.


LANXESS opened the phase II of RRCQ in Qingdao.


LANXESS has built a new plant for the manufacture of lubricant additives in Qingdao.  It has started up production in the beginning of 2009


LANXESS opens a new Rubber Research Center (RRCQ) in Qingdao, Shandong Province. Established in close cooperation with Qingdao’s University of Science and Technology (QUST), the world-class research center is located within the university’s vicinity.

For the second consecutive year, LANXESS brings one of the best youth orchestras to China as part of the “LANXESS young.euro.classic China Tour


LANXESS started its first acquisition initiative in China. The take-over of a state-of-the-art iron oxide pigment production facility in Jinshan strengthened the position of the Inorganic Pigments business unit across the Asia-Pacific region.

The plant for antioxidant 6PPD production starts operation.


Opening of production site for raw pigments in Shanghai To quickly and efficiently ensure the economic supply of raw materials for the production of inorganic pigments in Shanghai, LANXESS rented a new production facility.


LANXESS announces a new plant for lubricant additives in Qingdao


Opening of the hydrazine hydrate plant in Weifang, China
As part of the joint venture with the Weifang Yaxing Chemical Company, an entire production plant in the USA is to be dismantled, shipped to China and rebuilt in Weifang.


Expansion of Rhenogran® production facilities, doubled the capacity


"Chinaplas 2006" in Shanghai LANXESS presents itself for the first time ever as a full-service company at this plastics conference, which is the largest in Asia, and thereby strengthens its Asia offensive.

Commissioning of a production plant for high-tech plastics in Wuxi


Opening of a technology centre for the development of technical rubber in Shanghai


Expanded production facility for leather chemicals goes on stream in Wuxi, China
Establishment of a joint venture with Tong Feng and Xinda to produce rubber chemicals in Tongling


LANXESS shares are traded for the first time on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange on January 31, 2005. Most of Bayer’s chemical activities and about one third of the polymers business had been carved out in 2004 and transferred to a new entity, LANXESS Deutschland GmbH.


Bayer achieves sales in excess of DM one billion in China for the first time


Bayer establishes a joint venture in China with Jinling Petrochemical Corporation (Nanjing) to produce and sell polyether formulations


Bayer and Wuxi Dyestuff Factory (WDF) establish joint venture to produce formulations for dispersion pigments under the name Bayer Wuxi Dyestuff Co.


Bayer and Shanghai Coatings Corp. (SCC) sign contracts for joint venture to produce iron oxide formulations under the name Bayer Shanghai Pigments Ltd.


Bayer and its subsidiary companies conclude negotiations on six joint ventures in China.


Major framework agreement signed between Bayer AG and the Chinese Chemicals Ministry on November 27, 1993


Establishment of Bayer-Shanghai Dental Ltd. and two new agencies set up in Beijing and Shanghai


Establishment of trading company under Chinese law: “Bayer Pharma Co.”


China becomes tenth largest purchaser of pigments, own agency established.

Friedr. Bayer & Co. established


Establishment of a representative office in Hong Kong through Meyerink


Establishment of an ongoing sales joint venture between Bayer and Meyerink & Co. in Shanghai

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