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Vulcuren® is a new crosslinker for the production of highly reversion-stable vulcanisates of NR, IR, SBR and BR and their blends.

Diene rubber compounds crosslinked with Vulcuren® do not show the usual fall in mechanical properties on overcure or high temperature cure that is seen in traditional vulcanisation systems. Also vulcanisates crosslinked with Vulcuren® and subjected to dynamic stress after overcuring or curing at high temperatures retain their original properties better than vulcanisates made with current crosslinking systems.

Vulcuren® is recommended in combination with sulfur and accelerators such as mercaptobenzothiazoles or sulfenamides in conventional and semi-efficient vulcanisation systems.
Bussiness Unit : Rhein Chemie Additives

Areas of Applications:
•    Tire
•    Engine Mounting
•    Railway Pad

Properties & Benefits
•    Improve the anti-reversion property for vulcanisates
•    As second accelerator to replace DPG
•    Improve process property  for silica compound with new silane

•    Vulcuren