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Lewatit AF5

Lewatit®AF 5 is a carbon-based, spherical, microporous adsorber, with a large surface area and a welldefined pore distribution.

In contrast to conventional activated granular carbon, it has a narrow bead size distribution and excellent mechanical stability. It is therefore ideal for use in fixed beds, with no carry-out of fine particulates resulting from attrition.

“Lewatit® AF 5 is characterized by a high adsorptive capacity for a broad range of harmful substances and high efficiency also for lower hazardous element concentrations.”

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Properties and benefits
Lewatit®AF 5 can be used as a polisher in water treatment and for the adsorption of traces of organic
substances, e.g. chlorinated hydrocarbons, MTBE, organic phosphates, amines, pesticides, herbicides and metabolites.

Depending on the application, parameters like adsorption capacity, pore size distribution and bead diameter distribution can be adjusted or individually designed to fulfil our customer requirements.

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