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Lewatit® K 7333 is a strongly basic, gel-type, palladium-doped, polymer-based resin in spherical bead form.

It is designed to catalytically remove dissolved oxygen from water. A suitable reducing agent such as hydrogen is dissolved in the water to be treated and then passed through a bed of the catalyst.

By this method, residual oxygen concentrations of less than 20 µ  g/l can be obtained at flow rates up to 80 m/h and temperatures up to 40°C.

Business Unit
Ion Exchange Resins

Properties and benefits
water is especially suitable for the removal of dissolved oxygen in the production of ultrapure

Operating information: A loss of catalytic activity may be caused by the presence of poisons such as mercury, cadmium, sulfides, organic contaminants such as humates or by microbial growth. Maximum catalytic activity can only be maintained in the presence of sufficient quantities of dissolved reducing agent.

Ion Exchange Resin