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Lewatit®M+ M 500

Lewatit®MonoPlus M 500 is a strongly basic, gelular anion exchange resin with beads of uniform size (monodisperse) based on a styrene-divinylbenzene copolymer. The monodisperse beads are chemically and osmotically highly stable. The optimized kinetics lead to an increased operating capacity compared to ion exchange resins with heterodisperse bead size distribution.

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Properties and benefits
Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 is especially applicable for:

  • emineralization of water for industrial steam generation, e.g. Lewatit® WS System, Lewatit® Liftbed System or Lewatit® Rinsebed System Liftbed System or Lewatit® Rinsebed System
  • polishing by a Lewatit® Multistep System in combination with Lewatit® MonoPlus S 100

Lewatit® MonoPlus M 500 is adding special features to the resin bed:

  • high exchange flow rates during regeneration and loading
  • good utilization of the total capacity
  • low rinse water demand
  • homogenous throughput of regenerants, water and solutions; therefore an homogeneous working zone
  • nearly linear pressure drop gradient for the whole bed depth; therefore an operation with higher bed depth possible

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