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Construction Industry

LANXESS offers a whole range of innovative products for the construction industry.

Belts, Cables and Hoses

Cohedur®Cohedur® bonding agents promote adhesion between elastic rubber and inelastic-but-durable material such as reinforcing carcasses or steel cords, which are combined to make long-lasting tires, conveyor belts, hoses, rubberized fabrics, containers, etc.
Vulkacit® Vulkacit® Vulcanization is the conversion of a high-molecular material from the plastic to the elastic state. One of the key chemical reactions in this process is that of rubber with sulfur. Sulfur vulcanization, widely used in the rubber industry, requires the use of vulcanization accelerators such as Vulkacit®.
Vulkanox®Vulkanox® Aging processes, which are caused by oxygen or heat, change the properties of the vulcanizates.
Zinkoxyd AktivLANXESS zinc oxides are precipitated to offer a rather small range of particle size combined with a high surface area. On top these products are characterized by a very low heavy metal content.
Vulkanol®Vulkanol®Vulkanox® synthetic plasticizers are required as active ingredients to adjust the properties of vulcanizates, for example, to reduce hardness, modulus and tensile strength or to increase ultimate elongation and resilience.
Vulkalent®Vulkalent® retarders adjust the vulcanization rate and increase scorch and flow times of sulfur-cured diene rubber compounds.
Renacit®Natural rubber is masticated to improve processing. By breaking down the molecular chain the polymer viscosity is reduced.
Vulkazon®Ozone is one of the most powerful oxidizing agents and attacks most organic compounds.