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Durethan® is the trade name for our range of engineering thermoplastics based on polyamide 6 and polyamide 66.

Polyamides are partially crystalline plastics which offer an ideal combination of properties especially for technical applications. They combine a high mechanical strength and stiffness with good electrical insulation properties, a high resistance to heat and chemicals, low friction, good emergency running properties, wear resistance and the attenuation of noise and vibration, plus outstanding ease of processing.

Depending on the particular material and grade concerned, polyamides absorb moisture from the environment on a reversible basis. This has the same effect as a plasticizer, i.e. the tensile strain at break and toughness increase while the strength and stiffness are reduced.

Business Unit:
Semi-Crystalline Products

Product characteristics

Inherent color

Color range
In addition to natural and black, a whole range of opaque standard colors are available; special colors can be supplied on request.

Surface finish
High-gloss or textured, depending on the mold surface, high reproduction accuracy

High, particularly for GF grades; tensile modulus: 1,300 to 15,700 MPa (depending on moisture)

Shock and fracture resistance
High, depending on grade and moisture, elastomer modification gives good toughness even with a low moisture content, including at low temperatures

Dynamic load-bearing capacity

Stress cracking behavior

Heat resistance
High, 170 to 200 °C over the short term; 80 to 160 °C long-term

Dimensional accuracy and dimensional stability
Good, depending on type and moisture content

Abrasion resistance

Chemical resistance
Good, particularly to fuels, lubricants, solvents and cleaning agents

Electrical insulation
•     Good, dielectric strength: 25 to 45 kV/mm
•     Volume resistivity: 1010 to 1015 W * cm
•    Tracking resistance index CTI: rating 425 to 600

Easy-flow, rapid solidification (short cycle times)

Other properties
Good mechanical and acoustic damping, low friction, good emergency running properties, good gas barrier properties (film grades)

Area of Applications

•    Automotive
•    Electrical / Electronic
•    Appliance
•    Sport / Leisure
•    Packaging
•    House / Garden
•    Industrial / Mechanical
•    Furniture
•    Transportation

•    Co-Polyamide
•    CoPA
•    PA
•    PA 6
•    PA 66
•    Polyamide
•    Polyamide 6
•    Polyamide 66