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ISODERM is a family of nitrocellulose top coats for leather. The products range from only water miscible to both water and solvent miscible products that give a durable pleasant touch and natural shine to leather.

Business Unit: Leather

•    Leather
•    NC-based emulsions
•    Solvent containing top coats

Properties & Benefits:
•    Gives a pleasant natural touch
•    Natural to medium shine
•    Has good fastness to wet and dry rubbing.
•    The  Isoderm Base SW can be diluted in both aqueous and or organic medium

•     Isoderm Base SW
•    Isoderm LA-82  N
•    Isoderm  Lustre  SGS
•    ISODERM®  Base HF-N
•       Colorless, high gloss nitrocellulose lacquer for top coats
•    ISODERM®  Base HGN
•       Colorless nitrocellulose lacquer which can be emulsified in water or either dissolved in organic solvents
•    ISODERM®  Black LA81-N
•       Black-pigmented nitrocellulose emulsion for water-reducible top coats
•    ISODERM®  LA 01-N
•        Glossy nitrocellulose emulsion for water reducible top coats
•    ISODERM® LA 85-N
•         Glossy nitrocellulose emulsion for water reducible top coats
•    ISODERM® LA 1000
•        Nitrocellulose emulsion with good gloss and excellent transparency. It can be applied for garment, shoe upper and bag leather as top coat
•    ISODERM® LA 101
•       Nitrocellulose emulsion with good inter-coat adhesion properties
•    ISODERM®  LA 83-N
•       Water reducible nitrocellulose emulsion lacquer, imparts transparent film with high gloss and very natural handle
•    ISODERM®  LA 85-N-C
•       Colorless, glossy and water reducible nitrocellulose emulsion lacquer with good filling effect
•    ISODERM®  LO 87-N
•        Colorless nitrocellulose emulsion lacquer with strong filling action for top coats
•    ISODERM®  Luster 3029
•         A specially designed NC based glossy Top Coat finishing product.
•    ISODERM®  Luster M-N
•        Colorless, dry-drummable top lacquer based on nitrocellulose
•    ISODERM®  Luster MGN
•        Nitrocellulose based, elastic top coat lacquer for the use in organic solvents, suitable for dry-drummed articles
•    ISODERM®  Luster TGN
•         Colorless, solvent reducible nitrocellulose lacquer
•    ISODERM®  Luster TS-N
•        Colorless, high gloss, nitrocellulose based top lacquer with a glazing character
•    ISODERM®  Matt LA 86-C
•        Dulled nitrocellulose emulsion for water reducible top coats
•    ISODERM®  Matt LO 89-N
•        Colorless nitrocellulose matting agent for top coats