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Natural rubber is masticated to improve processing. By breaking down the molecular chain the polymer viscosity is reduced. This is usually achieved by mechanical forces in a mixer, which consumes energy. The higher the temperature, the faster the mastication. Renacit® mastication agents decrease the mastication time and therefore the dump temperature, by a special chemical process. Hence, less power is consumed, mixer capacity is increased and costs are reduced. Renacit® is very efficient: only a very small amount is required.

Bussiness Unit :  Advanced Industrial Intermediates

Areas of Applications:
•    Tire:
•    Conveyor belt, buffer
•    Cable, hose,
•    Footwear

Properties & Benefits
•    Reduction of mastication times and dump temperature
•    Very efficient
•    Cost savings


•    Renacit 11
•    Renacit 11/WG
•    Renacit 9203/WG
•    Renacit 10