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Velcorin® is our highly effective microbial control agent for the cold sterilization of your beverages with no effect on the taste. When it comes to the stabilisation of beverages against typical beverage-spoilage microorganisms, the cold sterilisation with Velcorin®, a microbial control agent (Dimethyldicarbonate/DMDC), has successfully established itself as one of the leading technologies in this field. It is fast, safe and straight forward.

ALTERNATIVE: Gentle on flavour – tough on germs.

Business Unit: Material Protection Products
Area of Application
•    Microbial control agent in beverages
•    Microbial control agent in fruit juices
•    Microbial control agent in ice teas
•    Microbial control agent in sportdrinks
•    Microbial control agent in vegetable juices
•    DMDC
•    Dicarbonic acid dimethylester
•    Dimethyldicarbonate
•    Dimethylpyrocarbonate
•    Pyrocarbonic acid dimethylester
•    Velcorin