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Vulkalent® retarders adjust the vulcanization rate and increase scorch and flow times of sulfur-cured diene rubber compounds. Currently available retarders function only in compounds cured with sulfur and accelerator, or, to a limited extent, in those cured with thiuram as crosslinking agent. They are not effective in peroxide cures, high energy radiation cures, metal oxide cures (e.g. CR) or resin cures (e.g. IIR). Retarders are important mainly for NR, IR, but also for SBR, BR (blends) and NBR. They are not needed for slow curing rubbers such as IIR or EPDM and are not suitable for CR.

Bussiness Unit : Rhein Chemie Additives

Areas of Applications:
•    Tire:
•    Conveyor belt, buffer
•    Cable, hose, seal
•    Footwear

Properties & Benefits
•    Improving the processing safety of compounds by prolonging flow times at cure temperatures

•    Vulklent B/C
•    Vulkalent E/C
•    Vulkalent G