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Coagulant WS

Coagulant WS is a heat-sensitive rubber additive that promotes the creation of smooth latex films. By varying the amount of added Coagulant WS, it is possible to control the thickness of the films.

Coagulant WS contains a silicone backbone, along with a heat sensitive coagulation agent. It acts as a release agent, a defoaming agent and an anti-webbing agent in latex films.

Business Unit: Advanced Industrial Intermediates

•     Fabric-supported gloves
•     Artificial leather
•     Wiping cloths
•     Carpet backing
•     Foam backing
•     Medical Gloves
•     Industrial Gloves
•     Latex Sheets

Properties & Benefits:
•     Benefits of Coagulant WS include:
•     a better surface finish
•     more uniform film
•     improved feel of the rubber product
•     increased production
•     absence of criss-cross marks for synthetic rubber gloves

•    Organopolysiloxane compound