LANXESS at Chinaplas 2011

LANXESS has dedicated 2011 to a very special material: High-tech plastics. They make life easier, ensure greater flexibility and design possibilities and can also make a valuable contribution to the protection of the climat and the environment. To showcase the manifold applications of the innovative material, LANXESS will once again be present at Chinaplas this year.


Information for visitors:

Chinaplas 2011 (The 25th International Exhibition on Plastics and Rubber Industries)
China Import & Export Fair Pazhou Complex, Guangzhou, PR China
Date: 17-20 May 2011
Opening hours:
2011.5.17-19   (09:30 - 17:00)   
2011.5.20        (09:30 - 15:00)

LANXESS booth location - Hall: 11.2E21
Exhibiting under the theme of Chinaplas 2011 - The year of high-tech plastics - LANXESS will display a variety of premium & environmentally-friendly solutions for electronics, automotive, construction and plastic coating industries…etc, which come from the following two LANESS Business Units - Semi-Crystalline Products (SCP)and Inorganic Pigments (IPG) Semi-Crystalline Products (SCP) business unit is one of the world's leading providers of polyamides and polybutylene terephthalates.




  •     Durethan® polyamides
  •     Pocan® polyesters
  •     Automotives
  •     Electronics industry
  •     Highly load-resistant
  •     New halogen-free flame
  •     Flame retardancy
  •     Good flowablility

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Inorganic Pigments (IPG) business unit is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of iron oxide pigments




  •     Bayferrox® pigments
  •     Colortherm® pigments
  •     plastic coating
  •     Coating industry
  •     Construction
  •     Ease of dispersion
  •     High thermal stability
  •     Excellent weather stability
  •     Lightfastness

Learn more about IPG products and solutions

Concurrent Technical Seminar
At the Chinaplas, LANXESS business units Inorganic Pigments will present the latest technologies at the Concurrent Technical Seminar. We are sincerely inviting you to participate in the following sessions:

17th May 2011 14:30 - 16:30

Meeting Room

Business Unit



Inorganic Pigments

  •     Bayferrox and COLORTHERM Pigments:
    An eco-friendly colouring solution for sustainable plastics products

Many LANXESS technical experts and sales representatives will be at LANESS booth to talk with you, listen to your business needs.

We are looking forward to meeting you at Chinaplas 2011!


LANXESS Steps up commitment to sustainable growth in China

LANXESS is celebrating the year of 2011 as its “Year of High-tech Plastics.” This special material essentially makes possible many of the comforts of modern life.

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