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Supporting the researchers of tomorrow

The New WebMagazine features LANXESS education initiative

Education is the future. LANXESS is not only investing in the training and continuing professional development of its own personnel but is also specifically seeking to spark students' interest in the sciences. From workshops and project weeks to support local high schools to experiment kits and special educational materials for elementary school students, this initiative has been an integral part of the group's social commitment for years.

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Megatrend Water

The shortage of clean drinking water has become a global problem

The shortage of clean water has become a global problem. Population growth, air pollution, and climate change will all exacerbate the situation and especially megacities will have to manage their available water carefully.Products and processes from LANXESS are already used for water treatment worldwide, helping companies and communities alike utilize water as efficiently as possible.

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Rhein Chemie 125th Anniversary

History of Rhein Chemie in a Nutshell

In 2014, as we celebrate our 125th anniversary, we can look back with pride on our impressive company history: 125 years in which our motto, “Focusing on Progress,” has always guided us to new challenges, opportunities and success through exciting developments, technologies and industries.

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Megatrend Urbanization

more and more people are moving to big cities.

Increasing urbanization presents cities with enormous challenges. What role does LANXESS play in this exactly? Click through our portfolio of solutions to see how LANXESS contributes, for example, to a sustainable city concept.

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The Future of Mobility is Green!

We contribute to green mobility and work hand-in-hand with customers to create innovative solutions to power the future of mobility

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LANXESS and soccer - discover the possibilities!

On the occasion of the World Cup Soccer Tournament, we would like to introduce our portfolio for sports goods and construction of - for example - stadiums and related infrastructure.

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Automotive website

Featuring a new animated car that shows our amazing products for the automotive industry

Lightweight design parts, technical rubbers and products that enable Green Mobility. Discover our innovative portfolio for the car industry by clicking on our car animation.

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Rhein Chemie

125th Anniversary



Green Mobility


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Automotive website

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