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LANXESS is lean and efficient

LANXESS has a streamlined organizational structure to make it flexible and dynamic.

LANXESS is made up of 10 business units grouped into three segments: Performance Chemicals, Advanced Intermediates and Performance Polymers.

Our structure and business activities are geared to market needs, ensuring that we have the speed and flexibility to continue offering customers top-quality products supported by excellent service.

LANXESS Greater China

Business Units   Group Functions
Performance Polymers
Tire & Specialty Rubbers
High Performance Elastomers
High Performance Materials
Advanced Intermediates
Advanced Intermediates
Performance Chemicals
Material Protection Products
Rhein Chemie Additives
Liquid Purification Technologies
Inorganic Pigments
Finance & Accounting
Corporate Communications
Corporate Development
Human Resources
Law & Intellectual Property
Global Procurement & Logistics
Production, Technology, Safety & Environment
Information Technology
Internal Auditing
General Administration
Legal Entities
LANXESS Chemical (China) Company Limited
LANXESS Shanghai Pigments Co., Ltd.
LANXESS (Wuxi) High Performance Composite Materials Co.,Ltd.
LANXESS Specialty Chemicals Co., Ltd.
Rhein Chemie (Qingdao) Ltd.
LANXESS (Changzhou) Co., Ltd.
Nexachem Trading (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.
LANXESS Hong Kong Ltd.
LANXESS (Liyang) Polyols Co.,Ltd.
LANXESS-TSRC (Nantong) Chemical Industrial Co., Ltd.