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Mobility, Urbanization, Water and Agriculture

Megatrends - energized by LANXESS

Megatrends such as world population growth, burgeoning urbanization and increasing motorization are indicators of greater global changes. Large cities have a magical appeal for people. Even now, more than half of the world population lives in metropolitan centers. By 2030, two-thirds of the inhabitants of this planet will be city people. Large cities in Africa and Asia are growing especially fast.


By focusing on four mega-trends – mobility, urbanization, water and agriculture – LANXESS is in an excellent position to meet the challenges posed by these developments with innovative products and solutions that serve market demand. The stated goal of LANXESS is to effectively help shape the urban future – while simultaneously benefiting from these trends. No wonder the mega-trends play a key role in the growth strategy of the specialty chemicals group. Our innovative products and solutions are in ever greater demand. China alone is planning to build dozens of new cities in order to keep up with increasing urbanization.