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Technology - the key to sustainable growth

As a global specialty chemicals company, we have become, fundamentally, a technology company.


We are using our technology to develop cutting edge products that can help conserve natural resources, protect the environment and lead to a more sustainable world. We know that creating effective and sustainable solutions is not only good for our fragile world but can also generate very real economic opportunities.


Take water, for example: many billions of people across the globe do not have access to clean drinking water. Our advanced water purification products are used around the world to help make clean water available.


Mobility is another good case in point: overcoming the rolling resistance of tires is responsible for one-third of an automobile’s fuel consumption. Our high-performance rubber reduces rolling resistance, saves fuel and lowers CO2 emissions. And our advanced plastics technology makes cars lighter and more fuel-efficient. Sustainable production processes can also make a difference.


By driving the development of bio-based chemistry, we are making it possible for large-scale industrial production to be less dependent on non-renewable resources such as petroleum. We are now using bio-based feedstock and bio-based energy sources in some of our plants. Thanks to this new technology, it will be possible in the future to produce large quantities of high-grade rubber from organic waste.


These examples point the way to a brighter future. They represent sustainable growth. It is vital that we separate economic development from resource depletion and climate change. This is an important way in which we can assure prosperity and safety for the world’s rapidly growing population.


A more sustainable future demands that we continue to promote technological progress across the entire value chain – from supporting academic institutions and international research institutes to intensifying our own R&D programs. Our employees will play a decisive role in this endeavor, for it is their ability to translate our culture of innovation and creativity into the practical results that enables us to move forward.


With more than 48 production sites and currently around 17,200 employees worldwide, we are dedicated to meeting your requirements, and we look forward to working with you.