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Bright Yan

Bright Yan, a new joiner of LANXESS, shares his work and life at LANXESS

Bright Yan, a new joiner of LANXESS, shares his work and life at LANXESS.

Can you give us a short introduction on your job at LANXESS and yourself?

I am now working as sales representative of LANXESS Distribution in China. After graduation from Zhejiang University with majoring in Macromolecular Material, I began my career in the chemical industry.

What do you value most when you decided to join LANXESS?
I want to talk about my work here. LANXESS Distribution is a brand new department and it attracted me a lot in terms of career development and new challenge. What’s more, Kim Ming Lee and HR colleagues of LANXESS impressed me a lot during the interview. Therefore, I made up my mind to join LANXESS instead of going to another chemical company.

We heard that you began your training in Germany after onboard. How was your training in Germany?
It was wonderful! It was really a precious opportunity, which I have never dreamed of at other chemical companies. I learned a lot during these two weeks. Compared to conventional study in school, the training is more or less the feeling of working at another location. I could raise questions, this approach helped to pave the way for my current work.

What’s more, “German Style” also had an impact on me. My German colleagues valued details as well as efficiency a lot. They also asked about my working process from time to time. I do like that, as we can finish the task ahead of time and leave some time for adjustment due to the changing needs of customers. Perhaps that’s the way how German achieved so much!

How do you see the working atmosphere of our Shanghai office?
The atmosphere is really nice. Colleagues always offer help when I need some resources. Also, we will share some interesting things in daily life with each other. It is worth mentioning that Kim Lee, my line manager, is so supportive. What he cares is not only the result of sales, but how we communicate with our clients. I believe it is an important contributor to the long term success of a company. In addition, I like coffee beans here. I have never had more delicious ever before!

What do you like to do after work?
I like tasting tea since my days in Hangzhou. Playing cards and sporting are also my hobbies.

What do you want to say to our LANXESS colleagues?
If you have any potential clients of LANXESS Distribution, please don’t hesitate to recommend to me. I will also share my resources with you. Thank you!

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