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Jocelyn He

Interview with Jocelyn HE, GEN-Y Representative

This time, we invites Jocelyn He for an interview with us. She will share with us how this brilliant idea came up and how she thinks as one from post  GEN-Y.


It seems that details play a vital part in interview. What do you think of  Gen-Y  since you have interviewed so any of them?

I think they are rather straightforward  whether in telephone interview or face to face communication. They value their own opinions and they do have some good ideas.  Of course, we sometimes hear negative comments, such as they are not mature enough.  As one of the GEN-Y, I would like to speak up: we will grow up and be reliable as we accumulate.

Did you 85s have some cross-department activities?

Yes! I find it rather easy to make friends with each other thanking to our age similarity.  We have  lunch together on working days. We organized a Room Escape activity on one weekend. We went to the Paulaner Christmas Market during the recent Christmas.

As LANXESS expands and develops, more GEN- Y  is sure to join us. What would you like to say to them as an experienced GEN- Y?

I hope we could work together with more passion to improve ourselves in the new year. I also look forward to more GEN-Y joining LANXESS. Let’s make progress together.

LANXESS energizes chemistry, and we could energize LANXESS.

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