Quality innovates: LANXESS Body Insert Technology Wins Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2017

Shanghai – Mar 9, 2017, Ringier Technology Innovation Awards 2017 – Plastics Industry awarding ceremony was held in Shanghai. Specialty chemicals company LANXESS received Ringier Technology Innovation Award for its innovative technology in the plastics industry – body insert technology.
“We’re delighted to receive Ringier Technology Innovation Award. This is the recognition to LANXESS’s lightweight innovative technology and product quality.” Michael Rockel, Head of LANXESS HPM Greater China Sales & Marketing said, “Based on innovation, high quality and high efficiency, we continue to amplify the comprehensive cooperation with our local customers and jointly discover the feasibility of innovative materials application.”


Light-weight vehicle for energy saving and emission reduction

With the ever-decreasing fossil fuel reserves and the increasing number of cars, the threat posed by carbon dioxide emissions on climate and environment becomes increasingly significant. Today, the global automobile industry is facing the more and more stringent carbon dioxide (CO2) emission limits, which means there is a need to further reduce fuel consumption and reduce vehicles’ carbon dioxide emissions. Measures for improving fuel efficiency, such as lightweight material can achieve this goal. As a result, car manufacturers have made higher demands for vehicle weight reduction. These trends have also been driving the demand of all auto parts manufacturers for innovative materials and new technologies used for lightweight automotive. Therefore, automakers are having higher and higher requirements for automobile’s light-weighting. This trend also continues driving auto part manufacturers’ demand for innovative materials and new technologies for light-weighting.


Innovation is an indispensable element for a company who focus on value and technology such as LANXESS. At present, LANXESS pays more attention to innovation on business model, sustainable process and application. In addition, with the brand image of “Quality Works”, LANXESS takes the initiative to bear environmental and social responsibilities and seek collaboration and win-win results. With the high quality standards for products, processes and technologies implemented worldwide, LANXESS facilitates climate and environmental protection and helps to improve the quality of life.


LANXESS High Performance Materials business unit (HPM) manufactures engineering plastics for the automotive and electrical & electronics industries. These plastics can be processed into parts with high mechanical, chemical and heat resistance, such as automotive front-end frame, hood, fuel tank cap, brake pedal, oil pan, etc., thus reducing the weight of cars compared to metal. They can also be combined with metal flakes to form a composite system that improves the safety and fuel efficiency of modern cars.
It is known that the "body insert" technology is LANXESS' injection molded insert made of glass fiber reinforced PA6, which significantly reduces the weight of a vehicle compared to conventional metal automotive components. Metals such as steel and aluminum have high strength and hardness, while high-tech plastics such as glass fiber reinforced polyamide can improve parts properties and reduce thickness.
Michael Rockel introduced: “Compared with 100% steel parts, "body insert" technology has three major advantages: first, it can reduce weight by 50%; second, highly integrate functions of injection molding process and reduces processing steps to save cost by 40%; third, enhance precision, quality and strength, which highly complies with the market demand for lightweight trend.


What worth mentioning, the spare tire groove made with 60% glass fiber reinforced plastics can be directly attached to the body frame, so that spare tire and vehicle tools can be placed. In addition, plastic / metal composite technology applied on the roof frame makes the frame lighter by 30% than that made of steel parts, with the cost being the same; front end with plastic / metal composite technology is lighter by 10%-40% than all-metal front. Until now, LANXESS "body insert" technology has been successfully applied to a variety of auto parts home and abroad.


The plastic materials are on the rise, offering outstanding potential for growth and innovation. Durethan®, Pocan® and Tepex® of LANXESS are good partners for light-weighting, which are widely applied to products in the automobile, electrical engineering, electronics and pharmaceutical, sports equipment and entertainment industries. LANXESS has comprehensive expertise concerning each development stage of modern automotive components, providing products and services covering material development, computer-aided engineering, concept development, part testing, processing etc,.
The 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Award – Plastics Industry awarding ceremony, hosted by Ringier Trade Media, aims to recognize innovative products and technologies that have made outstanding contributions in the industry. 2017 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards are divided into six categories: plastics industry, food & beverage industry, personal care & cosmetics, costings, packaging industry and metalworking industry. So far, Ringier Technology Innovation Awards have been held for 13 years, and is the most international and professional industrial technology innovation award in China.



LANXESS is a leading specialty chemicals company with sales of EUR 7.9 billion in 2015 and about 16,700 employees in 29 countries. The company is currently represented at 54 production sites worldwide. The core business of LANXESS is the development, manufacturing and marketing of chemical intermediates, specialty chemicals and plastics. Through ARLANXEO, the joint venture with Saudi Aramco, LANXESS is also a leading supplier of synthetic rubber. LANXESS is listed in the leading sustainability indices Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI World) and FTSE4Good.



On Jan. 31, 2005, LANXESS AG was initially listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange, and its subsidiary LANXESS Chemical (China) Co., Ltd. officially began operations. Today, LANXESS has 10 subsidiaries including 3 joint ventures, as well as 8 R&D centers in China, with over 1,700 employees in Greater China. LANXESS works closely with its local partners to develop market-oriented solutions that meet local market needs.


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