Sustainable mobility

Solutions for increased quality of life

By 2030, half of the world’s population will live in cities. What will tomorrow’s megacities look like? How can the health and mobility of many millions of people be ensured without causing environmental collapse? Some of the solutions are provided by chemistry. For example, the chemical industry helps to provide clean drinking water and enables the environmentally friendly disposal of wastewater – basic requirements for the survival of the urban organism.

Tomorrow’s mobility:
Many consumers are tending toward a more sustainable lifestyle – this in turn is creating demand for more environmentally friendly products and innovations.

Today’s solutions:
Fossil-fuel-powered cars take away the air we breathe; low-emission vehicles are needed in megacities. Not only do LANXESS rubbers serve as the material for "Green Tires" that roll more easily, the company also provides lightweight specialty plastics for cars that help to lower fuel consumption and thus reduce CO2 emissions. Lightweight construction is an effective means of extending the range of climate-friendly hybrid and electric cars.

Future challenges are waiting for us:

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