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Color for Construction

LANXESS Inorganic Pigments, known commercially under the brand Bayferrox® are more common in our lives than we might have imagined, and it is only to be expected that they are being used in the infrastructure required for the World Cup.
Bayferrox® can be applied in two areas of great importance in civil construction. Pavers colored with Bayferrox® pigments, for example, is a great solution for both small and large areas.

When used in sidewalks, they are made more attractive, can be personalized, and help pedestrians get around. For example, colored blocks used in most of the sidewalks making up the Free Walkway Program run by the São Paulo city hall, use colored concrete from Bayferrox®.

This kind of sidewalk is also more permeable, helping to prevent flooding. Colored concrete structures are also being strongly promoted among architects since colored concrete provides a clear distinction and stronger presence.

Siding colored with Bayferrox® offer countless advantages. The colors last longer, are more resistant to weathering effects, do not fade and are environmentally friendly. With the line of inorganic pigments from Bayferrox® builders and architects can design even more creative spaces for the World Cup in Brazil.

For example the facade of Soccercity Stadium in Johannesburg was constructed with Colored glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels. The construction of Soccer City has not only created a brand new landmark for South Africa, but has also set new architectural standards for modern soccer stadiums.

Its most outstanding feature is the innovative and intelligent facade concept that impresses on both a technical and esthetic level. It was possible to make this unconventional design a reality thanks to the input of German/Austrian company Rieder Smart Elements, which supplied fibreC elements for the 28,000-square-meter outer cladding of Soccer City.

In total, 2,100 modules each consisting of 16 fibreC panels were used to construct the facade. With their authentic tones and dynamic surface, the colored glass-fiber-reinforced concrete panels successfully reflect the architects’ desire to create an outsized representation of the calabash pot so typical of Africa.

Another key reason behind the decision to use colored concrete was the climate. Strong winds and dust from the nearby gold mines create a sandblast effect that would be too much for a conventional coating to deal with. To manufacture the colored panels, the glass-fiber-reinforced concrete was pigmented with liquid colors from Harold Scholz using the world renowned Bayferrox® pigments.

Technical details:

Iron oxide-based inorganic pigment.

Used to color various materials, such as concrete, paints and coatings, plastics, paper, glass, rubber, ceramics, cosmetics and woodchips.


  • Powerful tinting strength for colored concrete with great cost-benefits, due to less maintenance requirement.
  • It’s compatible and resistant to the alkalinity of the cement itself. Bayferrox® is also stable.
  • The color does not fade when exposed to weathering effects.
  • No need to be painted.



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