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The best coating for floors and electrical cables

High performance rubbers, such as those under the Levapren® and Krynac® brands from LANXESS, are the ideal products to guarantee even more safety in areas where large number of people gather. In the event of fire, the flooring as well as cable sheatings produced with these materials, have the great advantage of not generating toxic gas and the smoke produced is of very low density. This makes installations, such as airports, train stations and stadiums, safer, because the emergency exits can be found more easily as the visibility in the venue is improved.

Besides these important properties, the material can easily be colored, making floor more attractive than the regular black which gives no modernity to spaces. Finally, both Levapren® and Krynac® present good chemical resistance against the cleaning products used for the floor.

Technical details Levapren®,Krynac® and Keltan:
Definition: High performance rubbers.
Application: Used as coating for electrical cables, flooring and in sealing roofs.

  • With Levapren® and Krynac® rubbers, attendees of spaces where large number of people gather are safe when leaving the venues in the event of fire.
  • In addition, it has a pleasant and modern appearance.
  • With Keltan, roofs are effectively insulated against the weather.


Protection of materials

Material Protection Products (MPP) has two product lines that can be used as additives in paints and varnishes, as well as in sealants and in asphalt mixtures.

Preventol B2® is used in construction material that comes into direct contact with plants, protecting it against the undesirable effects of root penetration without harming plant development. The product can also be used in sealing roofs and gardens, for example.

Preventol A24® is a fungicide than can be used in paints and varnishes and similar products, protecting the paintwork on stadiums and buildings in general.

In 2008, at the Beijing Olympics, Preventol B2® was used in asphalt as a sealant to prevent grass roots damaging the soil.

Technical details Preventol B2®:
Definition: Protects construction materials against root penetration without harming plants, as it is not an herbicide.
Application: Construction materials that come into direct contact with plants.

  • Besides LANXESS quality, a high concentration of active ingredients resulting in low doses in the final product (0.05% to 0.20%).

Technical details Preventol A 24®:
Definition: Fungicide with a wide range of applications.
Application: Paints, varnishes, and similar products.

  • Besides LANXESS quality, a high concentration of active ingredients resulting in low doses in the final product (0.05% to 0.20%).


Highly resistant to fire and plastics with more vibrant colors

Functional Chemicals (FCC) products can be used in making plastic items which are used, for instance, in construction and stadiums.

In this context, flame retardants for plastics are outstanding in guaranteeing users’ safety: they prevent fires from taking on disastrous proportions.

Besides fire retardants, LANXESS supplies plasticizers for the manufacture of flexible PVC items, non-slip surfaces flooring, tarpaulins, roofs, synthetic leather, and so on. Macrolex® colorants for engineering plastics, such as polycarbonate and acrylic also offer a differential.

In addition, products from the tributyl phosphate line from FCC can be used a lot as anti-foaming in concrete additives formulations.

Technical details Levagard® and Disflamoll®:
Definition: Phosphorous-based flame retardant. The products are halogen-free, meaning they are manufactured without bromide or chlorine.
Application: The products are used in the formulation of the following plastics: polyurethane (PU), PVC, ABS/PC, HIPS/PPO, and elastomers.

  • The chemical bases of the products are safe and non-toxic.
  • They increase security overall in the event of fire.

Technical details Macrolex®:
Definition: Organic colorants for engineering plastics, polycarbonates and acrylics.
Application: The colorants are used in the manufacture of plastics.

  • Wide range of colors.
  • Excellent dispersion properties.
  • Excellent heat stability, light and weather-fastness.
  • High color strength and brilliancy.



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