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LANXESS gives spectators a secure feeling

The High Performance Materials (HPM) unit is betting on the use of the Durethan® line of polyamides, popularly known as “engineering plastics” for the manufacture of stadium seats. These latest generation, highly versatile plastics are a great alternative to replace metal, besides being made to measure for use in external areas.

Its advantages include its strength and durability under static and dynamic loads, and its excellent resistance to bad weather, UV light and corrosion, so reducing maintenance costs. Besides structure, Durethan® BKV30 H2.0 900055 can also be used in the composition of seats.


  • Its strength and durability
  • Excellent resistance to bad weather, UV light and corrosion
  • Low maintenance costs.
  • Structures made from this material are practically non-flammable.
  • Resistant structure and comfortable seats for stadiums

The structural pieces are incredibly strong and have been tested to stand loads of up to 600 kg on the seat back.

The use of injection molding allows the seats to be designed so that there are no parts where hands and feet could become stuck, and there are no sharp edges that could cause injuries.

Durethan® BKV30 H2.0 900055 also has the extra benefit that the structures made from it are practically non-flammable, so preventing the spread of fire from chair to chair.

The combination of these factors guarantees that soccer fans remain safe and can enjoy supporting their teams during World Cup games.

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