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How solutions from LANXESS help reduce weight – car body examples

Roof frames using plastic/metal hybrid technology
Compared to a steel solution, the component is 30% lighter and costs the same Front ends using hybrid technology

Front ends using hybrid technology
Plastic/metal hybrid technology front ends are around 10-40% lighter than full metal front ends; the weight of hybrid aluminum front ends can be further reduced with Tepex® inserts. Hybrid front ends made from plastic and metal are already widely used; as plastic bonds well with Tepex®, the weight can be reduced even further.

Structural inserts
Injection-molded inserts made from glass-fiber-reinforced PA6 enable substantial weight reduction and increased passenger protection

Spare wheel wells made from 60% glass-fiber-reinforced plastic
The component is glued directly to the bare bodywork and not only carries the spare wheel and on-board tools, but also stiffens the rear part of the vehicle

Cross-car beams
Cross-car beams with plastic/metal hybrid construction provide substantial benefits, enabling cable and air ducts or brackets for the steering column to be easily integrated, for example

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