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Employee Activities


Employees at LANXESS enjoy activities of different kinds and types. We expect employees to learn and develop through sharing and competing, to enhance mutual understanding through various events and programs, to increasingly get integrated and to embrace every moment at LANXESS.

We Share

LANXESS organizes sharing of different types on an irregular basis. Internal sharing provided by departments help employees enhance understanding towards each group function and business unit. X-Time focuses on practical and attractive topics for employees to exchange their opinions on informal occasions. Female forum aims to encourage female colleagues to seize opportunity and face challenges.

We Compete

LANXESS enjoys organizing competition and races of different kinds. On football pitch, gentlemen sweat and toil. In kitchens, ladies made cakes with delicate hands. In addition, LANXESS takes an active part in external competition such as Shanghai International Marathon for successive ten more years.

We Are A Team

LANXESS organizes annual outing for all employees. We walk through magnificent landscapes with laughers and cheerful voices. We get closer towards one another during exciting journey.

We Are A Family

LANXESS organizes annual dinner at the end of each lunar year. In celebration of  new year, we enjoy brilliant performance and  gather like a family. We bravo for what every single employee has achieved for the past year and encouraged all of them to make progress with LANXESS together.

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