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Recognition Program

The program not only encourages all LANXESS Greater China employees to care about what is around them and their colleagues, but to recognize colleagues openly for their extra efforts and extinguished accomplishments. Whether LANXESS formal employees, contractors or interns, are all given opportunities to be involved in it, to recognize and to be recognized.

LANXESS Recognition Program will be launched from three different levels.


  • Level 1 “LANXESS Appreciation Program:

Level 1 “LANXESS Appreciation Program” is set to give thanks to exceptional daily work. For example, when we see someone doing exceptional daily work,  we can send them “Thank you” card provided by company  for their good deed or business contributions.


  • Level 2 - Above and Beyond:

Level 2 “Bravo Award” puts spot to those who go above and beyond to ensure our continuing success.


  • Level 3 - Outstanding Contribution:

Level 3 “LANXESS Greater China CEO Award ” awards outstanding contributions to business objectives including but not limited in the following dimension: Business Excellence/Innovation/Cost Saving/Outstanding Service/Excellent Customer Service.

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