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Lining Hu

Lining Hu from the Business Unit Inorganic Pigments shares her career development with us

Hu Lining graduated from Donghua University in 2012 major in Environmental Engineering . She joined LANXESS’ business trainee program in July of the same year. The program provides job rotation opportunities in different business units and group functions of LANXESS China. Hu Lining shared with us her working experience in LANXESS since the program started.

Why did you choose to apply for joining the business trainee program?

Frankly speaking, I was not clear about where to go at the time of graduation. Many of my fellow students chose to pursue further studies, but I did not intend to, and I could not find a job that matched what I have learned at a short time. At that time I was not sure what I was looking for and what I was good at. I wanted to try different jobs but did not have the chance. When I learned about LANXESS’ business trainee program, I was very excited – job rotating in different functions and then indentifying my interest under different working environment were exactly what I wanted.

What jobs are you doing now?

Currently I am rotating between two departments. During the first days of the week, I work in the Corporate Communication Department, learning how to plan and execute various external events. For example, lately we held the first LANXESS pigments seminar, which was attended by many distributors, government officials and LANXESS employees. For the rest of the week, I work for Owen in the Product Management Department in our Taopu production site.

How about other job rotation opportunities?

I experienced three job rotations before.

After I joined LANXESS, I first worked in the Product Management Department of LANXESS Shanghai Pigments. This was a very good start of my entire trainee program.  During that period, I learned how to effectively process data and how to use powerpoint to rationally present data. My coach Owen’s professionalism impressed me all the time and benefited me a lot.

Then I worked in  Global Procurement and Logistics and Supply Chain Department of LANXESS Pigments respectively for 7 months in total. I worked under the guidance of Amanda and Jenny, and got to learn about logistics for the first time. Starting from the most basic but also the most important process, I was involved in various actual operations. In the end I had a clear understanding of the logistics work.

After that, I was rotated to LANXESS Pigments’ Marketing and Sales Department, and participated in the year’s sales budgeting with Manager Chu Lin and Steve as my coaches. I was glad to work with a very active sales team. They way how they communicate with customers and proactively develop new areas impressed me a lot.

Are you now clear about your future development direction?

After all these job rotations, I am having a clearer picture about my future development. This is also one of my biggest gains from working for LANXESS so far. Of course, the trainee program is not over yet. After working in Corporate Communication, I will go back to LANXESS Shanghai Pigments to join the Finance Department, which will be a new challenge for me. I am looking forward to it.

What kind of hobbies do you have?

I like traveling, good food and jogging. I enjoy beautiful scenery, tasting different fine food , and listening to music and my own heart beat during sports.

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