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Tang Shuo

Interview with Tangshuo from Liquid Purification Technologies(LPT) Business Unit of LANXESS Greater China

Could you please briefly introduce your career at LANXESS?

It was my seventh year at LANXESS just a few days ago. When looking back, I have a lot to share. I joined LANXESS as a technical representative in 2006 and became a technical specialist two years later. After another two years, I was promoted as a senior technical specialist. Now, I am the sales manager of Greater China. I am happy with my career development at LANXESS. At LPT, we have the dealer channel management. However, I have never simply rely on them. Instead, I am always paying a lot of attention on the market. With experiences and knowledge gained from daily work, I become more confident and  I have got respects by peers. I believe it is the result of learning and accumulation.

It must have been ups and downs during your career. How did you handle the hard time?

It happens to everyone. I faced career bottleneck in 2009 when I could hardly see the future of my career.  Meanwhile, seven years  for LANXESS  made it hard to leave the company. LPT China is one of business units with a small number of headcounts, which also made us closer and more united. For instance,  face-to-face tutoring with Tony  and direct communication with HQ colleagues about  technical problems made me more active.

What’s more, I benefited a lot from LANXESS’ career development program. I once attended Development Center, which was very helpful. I still remember Sylvia Gu gave me lots of suggestion and I learnt from her how to think from a different perspective.

Does your tight working schedule have an impact on your family?

I appreciate LANXESS culture “ work-life balance”. I am busy, but I still  spare time for my family. I have a three-year-old son who is now attending kindergarten in Hangzhou. I go to Hangzhou every weekend to meet my family, and try to spend more time with my son. Going to Xiao Shan and zoo are our favorite activities. Even just playing Legos with him at home gives me a lot of happiness.

What do you want to say to other colleagues?
I believe we could make ourselves better though continuous learning.  I believe gold will glitter . I believe today’s effort paves the way to the future success.

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