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Valuable material for wind power

China has been pushing forward the wind power as the country targets to increase non-fossil energy to achieve its environmental goals. With an installed power capacity at 91,424MW, China is leading as the largest wind energy provider worldwide. LANXESS, a leading synthetic rubber manufacturer, is finding applications of its high performance elastomers to the country’s burgeoning wind turbines business. Engineers often choose Levapren from LANXESS, particularly when it comes to large wind turbines, because this halogen-free ethylene-vinyl acetate synthetic rubber (EVM) helps to significantly reduce the risk of fire in the vicinity of the generators and to protect considerable investments in the event of fire.



LANXESS expands new plant for inorganic pigments in Ningbo

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS is strengthening its production network in China to meet the high level of demand for iron oxide pigments and is adding a mixing and milling plant to the pigment plant already under construction in Ningbo.



LANXESS to showcase full membrane product portfolio at Water & Membrane China

As one of the world’s leading suppliers of products and solutions for water treatment and purification, LANXESS will bring its full range of reverse osmosis membrane elements to Water & Membrane China, which will be held from September 16-18 at China International Exhibition Center.



LANXESS strengthens high-tech plastics production in USA

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS is expanding its Gastonia, North Carolina, compounding facility for high-tech plastics by adding a second production line. The expansion represents an investment volume of about USD 15 million and will double the existing capacity from 20,000 to 40,000 metric tons annually. Construction for the second line is expected to commence in the second half of 2014 with production scheduled to begin in early 2016.



LANXESS pressing ahead with realignment, consolidating business units

LANXESS is pressing ahead systematically with its realignment. The specialty chemicals Group has defined a three-phase program "Let’s LANXESS again”, divided into the following three areas:



Change in the Board of Management at LANXESS

Werner Breuers, Board Member of LANXESS AG and up to now responsible for the segments Performance Polymers and Advanced Intermediates, will leave the company at his own request after his contract ends on May 31, 2015, in order to pursue new challenges. Mr. Breuers will leave the Board of Management with immediate effect. He will, however, remain in an advisory role to LANXESS for a transitional period.



LANXESS at the All China Leather Exhibition 2014 September 3 to 5

LANXESS will showcase new technologies for a future-oriented leather production at the All China Leather Exhibition 2014 in Shanghai. From September 3 – 5 the specialty chemicals company will present sustainable solutions, which enable economic interest, ecological soundness and consumer benefits.



Flexible in the Arctic Ocean

Shipbuilding is seen as an indicator of the state of the world economy. That is why a recent report caused some excitement – it would seem that the industry is recovering. And not just in South Korea, which has occupied a leading position in this sector the past few years. Specialty chemicals company LANXESS also benefits from this turn of events.



LANXESS awards international architecture prize for the 2nd time

LANXESS will be presenting the second Colored Concrete Works Award in 2015 to an architect or developer who used colored concrete to implement new and interesting facets in his or her project.



LANXESS takes high-tech plastics plant in Belgium into operation

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has taken its new plant for polyamide plastics in Antwerp, Belgium, into operation as planned. The world-scale facility for polyamide plastics is designed for an annual capacity of around 90,000 metric tons. It represents an investment volume of EUR 75 million. The main customer of lightweight plastics is the automotive industry. Following the current starting-up phase, the capacity utilization rate of the plant will be gradually increased in the coming months.



LANXESS: New rubber production line opens in Dormagen

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has completed the expansion of its Baypren polychloroprene solid rubber production operations in Dormagen. It uses the innovative dry finishing production technology developed, tested and taken to the market-ready stage by LANXESS specifically for this purpose. This technology enables Baypren to be manufactured in a more resource-friendly way. LANXESS is also adding two new variants of this high-performance synthetic rubber to its product portfolio at the Dormagen site. The specialty chemicals company has invested some EUR 18 million in expanding production.



LANXESS gets recognition for combining growth with corporate social responsibility

Germany specialty chemical company LANXESS received two awards recently in recognition of the company’s leadership in fulfilling corporate social responsibility and developing in an environment-compatible way.



Successful practice tests in Egypt

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS showcased its new Lewabrane RO S product line at this year's Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) in early June 2014. The family of products currently encompasses three grades of spiral-wound membrane elements for reverse osmosis (RO), which were specially developed for seawater desalination.



LANXESS: High-tech products for sports

Faster, better, stronger: Brazil will once again be alive with action from June 12 to July 13. At the soccer event 2014, it's all about peak performance. 32 nations will be competing in this world-class event. Like everywhere else in the world, the people at LANXESS in Cologne, Germany, will have their eyes on Brazil when the time comes again for great achievements. LANXESS is always a part of top-level competitive sports.



Brazil wears Bayferrox

Soccer stadiums and infrastructure and urban projects count on inorganic pigments from LANXESS



LANXESS HSE workshop energizing green chemistry

LANXESS held a joint HSE workshop in Ningbo today along with China Petroleum and the Chemical Industry Federation (CPCIF), sharing insights on environment protection, health and safety (HSE).



LANXESS: one-stop-shop supplier for water treatment

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS will bring its full range of water treatment solutions to Aquatech China 2014, to be held from June 25 to June 27 at Shanghai. At China's largest international water show, the Liquid Purification Technologies business unit will present Lewatit® ion exchange resins and Lewabrane® reverse osmosis (RO) membranes alongside with LewaPlus™ design software. A highlight will be the newly developed RO elements for seawater desalination.



More than just a product

LANXESS, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic rubber, has undertaken a complete rebranding of its butyl rubber products. A package encompassing a global ability to deliver products anywhere, anytime, extensive technical expertise, a focus on innovative solutions and customer demands – all this is what the new LANXESS X_Butyl brand stands for.



LANXESS inorganic pigment product wins Ringier Technology Innovation Awards

LANXESS Bayferrox® 303 T has won the 2014 Ringier Technology Innovation Awards for the Coating Industry for its extreme heat stability and low flocculation behavior.



LANXESS begins realignment

Following a modest start to 2014, LANXESS is currently developing measures to realign the company.