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LANXESS with substantially better Q4 2012 earnings year-on-year

The specialty chemicals company LANXESS AG has achieved substantially higher earnings in the fourth quarter of 2012 compared to the same quarter in 2011, despite soft underlying demand.



LANXESS strengthens standing as world’s leading high-performance rubber producer

LANXESS is strengthening its standing as the world’s leading producer of high-performance rubber. Following a feasibility study, the German specialty chemicals company has decided to convert production of emulsion styrene butadiene rubber (E-SBR) used in standard tires to solution styrene butadiene rubber (S-SBR) used in high-performance “Green Tires” at its site in Triunfo (Rio Grande do Sul) in southern Brazil. LANXESS is the first company to carry out such a conversion.



LANXESS expands dichlorobenzene capacity

Specialty chemicals company LANXESS has increased its dichlorobenzene capacity by more than 15 percent. It has done so by installing an additional crystallizer at the Leverkusen site, thereby enabling it to produce more high-purity para-dichlorobenzene for the global market. Some EUR 3 million has been invested in the capacity expansion for this intermediate for the manufacture of high-performance plastics.



LANXESS to build new pigment plant in Ningbo

German specialty chemicals company LANXESS is expanding its global production network for inorganic pigments in China.



LANXESS signs new EUR 1.25 billion syndicated credit facility

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS has signed a new EUR 1.25 billion syndicated credit facility with an international banking consortium. The facility has a five year maturity and contains two separate one-year extension options. This facility replaces the company’s existing EUR 1.4 billion credit line due to mature in November 2014.



LANXESS opens Chengdu office to strengthen position in China’s growing western region

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS enhances its presence in China and further reinforces its business network by opening its Chengdu office today.



Study confirms: Green mobility saves fuel, CO2 emissions

Lightweight materials and green tires are more efficient and feasible in the sustainable development of the mobility industry, according to a study by China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), commissioned by specialty chemicals company LANXESS, a major supplier to the automotive industry.



Bayoxides from LANXESS for e-mobility

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS has developed a range of iron oxides for the production of cathodes for lithium-ion batteries. Thanks primarily to their good morphological properties and high reactivity.



LANXESS recognized as one of China’s Top Employers for 2013

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS has won the award of China’s Top Employer for 2013 by Corporate Research Foundation (CRF), an independent organization identifying top-performers in areas of HR, leadership and strategy.



Compass for the new materials era in “Green Tires” for cars

Leading figures in the tire industry see a clear trend toward low-rolling-resistance tires, not only in Europe but globally as well. What's more, this will hardly be possible without improved high-performance solution styrene-butadiene rubber grades (SSBR) as well as Nd-PBR (Neodymium based Performance Butadiene Rubber).



LANXESS showcases sustainable solutions for the coatings industry at ChinaCoat 2012

LANXESS will present its sustainable solutions for the paint and coatings industry at the upcoming ChinaCoat 2012.



LANXESS places EUR 500 million bond

The specialty chemicals group LANXESS has successfully placed a long-term eurobond on the European capital market under the company’s existing Debt Issuance Program.



LANXESS confirms FY guidance amid challenging environment

LANXESS is confirming its full-year 2012 guidance despite the challenging business environment. The specialty chemicals company expects full-year EBITDA pre exceptionals growth to be at the lower end of the 5-10 percent range previously guided.



LANXESS announced winners of LANXESS-PASCH-sponsorship 2012

Specialty chemicals group LANXESS announced three winners of the LANXESS Sponsorship for Students of Goethe-Partner schools in China (LANXESS-PASCH-sponsorship) for 2012.



Automotive weight saving solutions

Polyamides are versatile materials applied to modern automobiles, where they are used in electronic systems, air and fluid lines, and weight-saving bodywork components. Compared with steel sheet or die cast aluminum, polyamides provide tremendous opportunities for reducing weight in the production of automotive. This is demonstrated by the 1.8 and 2.0-liter turbocharged gasoline engines used in the Audi A3, A4 and A6 as well as in the Volkswagen Passat for example. Their engine oil pans are made of Durethan AKV 35 H2.0, a polyamide 66 from LANXESS, and weigh roughly one kilogram less than a steel component solution. They are around 50 percent lighter than an oil pan made of aluminum.



LANXESS Young Euro Classic China Concert 2012

German specialty chemicals company LANXESS is bringing the Young Euro Classic China concert to China’s audience for the sixth consecutive year. This year’s tour will form a part of the ceremonial act celebrating 40 years of diplomatic relations between China and Germany.



LANXESS announces new mid-term goal

LANXESS is announcing a new mid-term goal for its leading earnings indicator – EBITDA pre exceptionals – of EUR 1.8 billion in 2018. The specialty chemicals company is strategically well-positioned to continue on its established growth path and plans to achieve its previously established goal of EUR 1.4 billion EBITDA pre exceptionals in 2014, a year ahead of schedule.



LANXESS appoints new CEO for its Greater China region

Mr. Ming Cheng Chien, the current head of the EPDM business line of LANXESS’ technical rubber products business unit, has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of LANXESS Greater China. The current CEO, Mr. Martin Kraemer, will take over leadership of the newly formed business line Benzyl Products and Inorganic Acids within the business unit Advanced Industrial Intermediates (AII). All changes will take effect on February 1, 2013.



LANXESS showcases high-tech solutions at first “Mobility Day North America”

LANXESS is continuing its successful series of global events dedicated to the topic of “Green Mobility” by staging its inaugural “Mobility Day North America”. The one-day conference is being held in Charlotte, North Carolina, and addresses the theme “Advanced Technologies for Sustainable Mobility”.