LANXESS Summiteers in China

In 2011 and 2012, LANXESS sponsored a cooperative endeavor, “LANXESS Summiteers in China” which has brought together some of the top mountain climbers from China and Europe to jointly summit some of the most demanding mountains in Tibet.


The program is jointly initiated by the China Tibet Mountaineering Association (CTMA), the premiere mountaineering organization in China together with Thomas Bubendorfer, one of the world’s best solo climbers. It is fully endorsed by the China Mountain Association (CMA), the official authority of the People’s Republic of China mountaineers. It is also backed by the embassies of Germany and Austria.


As a part of the two-year-long program, Chinese mountain climbers together with Thomas Bubendorfer have completed two intensive trainings in Austria and Italy to learn technical climbing as preparation for each expedition.


In October 2011, a joint team consisting of Thomas Bubendorfer and six leading Chinese mountaineers ascended of one of the most demanding mountains in Tibet – Bizi with over 6,500 meters high and known for its difficulty and steepness. One year later, the Sino-European joint squad summitted another two unclimbed mountains located in Shogula mountain system in the Yangs Pa Can area with around 6,000 meters high.


By giving its full support, LANXESS is reaffirming the long-term commitment to enhancing the friendships and understanding between China and Europe and it is a commitment in growing markets such as China, which is of vital importance for LANXESS to establish itself as a growing brand, demonstrating the associated attributes such as premium quality or high technology. Therefore, this unique project should build bridges and open doors.

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