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Polymer additives and lubricant oil additives

The Rhein Chemie Business Unit produces polymer additives and lubricant oil additives in Qingdao.  

LANXESS business units Technical Rubber Products, Butyl Rubber and Performance Butadiene Rubbers built Rubber Research Center (RRCQ) in Qingdao in close cooperation with Qingdao’s University of Science and Technology (QUST).

LANXESS’s polymer-bound rubber additives are widely used in the automotive, footwear, construction, electronics and domestic appliance industries. Among these, the automotive industry is the most important customer sector, accounting for nearly half of the sales. It is generally necessary to add rubber chemicals in rubber production to facilitate compounding and processing of elastomers, blends or their rubber compounds. Rubber chemicals are also used to create specific properties in elastomers, finished rubber or latex products, or to protect an end product from ageing or decomposition under service conditions (e.g. as a result of oxidation).  In addition, rubber chemicals are used in other areas such as the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries, in mining, material protection and fuel and oil applications.

The Rhein Chemie lubricant additives are used in metalworking fluids, corrosion inhibitors, greases, and hydraulic, industrial gear, turbine and compressor oils. Additin® offers efficient lubrication solution by helping to reduce wear, in gear systems for example, protect against corrosion, enhance the high-pressure characteristics fluids and protect lubricants against premature aging in heavy-duty applications.


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