Products & Applications

Semi-Crystalline Products and leather chemicals

LANXESS (Wuxi) Chemical Company Ltd. produces chemical products used for leather chemicals, and engineering plastics.

The Leather business unit supplies a complete portfolio of leather chemicals used in leather manufacturing for the entire Asia Pacific region, including inorganic and synthetic tanning products, preservation and fat liquoring agents, colorants, and tanning and finishing auxiliaries. The Semi-Crystalline Products produces polyamides and polybutylene terephthalates, best represented by Durethan and Pocan polyester in Wuxi site.  Both are widely used to manufacture technically demanding components that comply with the highest specifications in terms of load resistance, functional reliability, and long-term performance.

LANXESS’s leather chemicals are widely used by the shoe industry.  Additionally, the automobile and upholstery industries also use large quantities of leather produced with the assistance of LANXESS leather chemicals.

The business unit’s engineering plastics are widely used in the electronics, domestic appliance and automotive industries, among which the latter is the most important customer segment.  An increasing number of new applications are based on polyamides and polybutylene terephthalates for the substitution of metal components on vehicles.


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