Corporate Compliance

LANXESS’s compliance system has been launched in order to encourage greater public reporting and prevent non-compliance behaviors or practices.
Compliance means acting in accordance with laws and regulations. The compliance system has been developed to ensure LANXESS’s fair, legal and ethical business practice. On the other hand, non-compliance are fraud, suspected incidents of internal theft, bribery and corruption.

Customers, Vendors and all levels of employees have a channel to inform the Country Compliance Officer in Chinese or English.

The Country Compliance Officer (CCO), Greater China is the officer primarily responsible for overseeing and managing compliance issues within the region of Greater China.

Generally, a CCO is in charge of overseeing and managing compliance issues within an organization, ensuring, for example, that a company is complying with regulatory requirements, and that the company and its employees are complying with internal policies and procedures.
The responsibilities of the position include leading enterprise compliance efforts, designing and implementing internal controls, policies and procedures to assure compliance with applicable local and country laws and regulations; managing audits and investigations into regulatory and compliance issues.

Complaints through the Compliance System will be handled by the Country Compliance Officer Greater China and supervised by the CEO Greater China. All information will be kept strictly confidential. The case will be escalated to Global Compliance committee if the information is sufficient enough for further investigation.


Compliance Code:

  • Fair competition – no antitrust violations
  • Product safety requires product observation
  • Protection of environment media
  • Compliance with the law of nations and        international trade law
  • Avoiding conflicts between corporate and private interests
  • Social behavior: Fairness and respect
  • Cooperating with the authorities while defending our rights


Local Compliance Contact

Mr. Anders Mak

Tel:  + 852 9260 2023

Fax: + 86 130 5215 0803