LANXESS (Wuxi) High Performance Composite Materials Co.,Ltd established in 1995, is one of the first sites LANXESS established in China. Here, the company produces engineering plastics for the Asia and Pacific market. It is also a technology base, serving as home to the Research and Development Testing Center for engineering plastics.
The LANXESS site in Wuxi offers various solutions to Green Mobility. The engineering plastics produced can help to significantly reduce the weight of vehicles.


High performance plastics
Since 2006, LANXESS produces polyamides and polybutylene terephthalates, best represented by Durethan® and Pocan® brand in its Wuxi site. Both are widely used to manufacture technically demanding components that comply with the highest specifications in terms of load resistance, functional reliability, and long-term performance. In 2011, LANXESS expanded the plant’s annual capacity for high-tech plastics from 40,000 tons per year to 60,000 tons, representing an investment of Euro 10 million.


Honored as the first “National Environmentally Friendly Enterprise” in China by the State Environmental Protection Administration in 2004, the LANXESS site in Wuxi is firmly committed to environmentally friendly production. In 2007, then Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao visited the site and assured LANXESS' achievements in personnel training, risk analysis and the ongoing optimization in both water consumption and waste management. In 2012, the site was awarded “Wuxi Safe Enterprise for 2011” by the local authorities in recognition of the company’s outstanding achievements in improving the overall safety, and its efforts in organizing personnel training and optimizing working processes to minimize the risks of work injury.


Hu Dongqi
General Manager, LANXESS (Wuxi) High Performance Composite Materials Co.,Ltd

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