Lubricant Additives Business

Well lubricatedand high performing

The Lubricant Additives business unit’s product portfolio of lubricants includes synthetic base oils, lubricant additives, additive packages, and formulated lubricants. These are used in a wide variety of areas – in the automotive industry, in mechanical engineering, in metal processing, in shipbuilding, and even in the aviation industry. The lubricants are also used for engines, gearboxes, and other industrial applications in the power-generation, refrigeration, mining, construction, primary metal, and food-processing industries.

The business unit is globally positioned and has production facilities as well as sales and customer service organizations in all regions of the world. Proximity to the customer enables intensive cooperation. New products and solutions are constantly being developed – tailored to the individual needs of our customers.

Lubricant Additives Business

Protect power trains from wear or extend the service life of machines when exposed to extreme temperatures. LANXESS is developing special solutions for these applications. 

Industrial lubricants and greases


We offer an extensive product line of additives and additive packages for industrial lubricants and greases. 

Registered trade marks:

  • Additin® AW (wear-protection additives)
  • Additin® CI (corrosion-protection additives)
  • Additin® WM (water-miscible additives)
  • Additin® AO (antioxidants)
  • Additin® PA (additive packages)
  • Additin® SP (special products)
  • LOBASE® and HYBASE (detergents)Naugalube® (antioxidants)DURADO® AW (wear-protection additives)
  • Naugalube® (antioxidants)
  • DURADO® AW (wear-protection additives)



Synthetic high-performance base materials

Synthetic high-performance base materials are also part of our portfolio.

Registered trade marks:

  • HATCOL® (synthetic esters)
  • SYNTON® PAOs and HATCOL® (esters)



Finished fluids

Hydraulic fluids

Our flame retardant hydraulic fluids are used in very special areas of application wherever good lubrication is important in addit ion to the highest fire resistance requirements that must be met.

Registered trade mark

Reolube® (flame retardant hydraulic fluids)


Refrigeration fluids

Our Everest® brand synthetic polyol ester (POE) refrigeration synthetic lubricants are designed to impart optimum performance, wear protection and longer service life to today’s energy efficient and environmentally friendly HFC based refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Everest® products possess outstanding lubrici ty, load carrying capability and thermal stability. Everest® POEs are also an excellent choice for replacement of mineral oils in HCFC to HFC system retrofits.

Registered trade mark

Everest® (refrigeration fluids)


Aviation fluids

The Royco® brand stands for outstanding lubricants for aviation. Royco® fluids have been characterized by innovative technology for the most critical applications. From the bitter cold of the poles to the extreme heat of the world’s deserts, these engineered fluids deliver high performance for the most advanced defe nse and commercial aerospace requirements. AS9100 / ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Registered trade marks

Royco® (aviation fluids)


Industrial and food grade lubricants

Anderol® high performance synthetic lubricants are formulated specifically for industrial and food grade applications. They support lub rication needs in a variety of applications such as compressor and vacuum pumps, heavy duty gears and bearings as well as hydraulic pumps and chains.

Registered trade marks

Anderol® (Industrial und foodgrade lubricants)

The business unit’s products help customers meet increasingly demanding regulatory standards for emissions and fuel efficiency. Whether to protect engines and power trains from wear or to extend the life of machines operating at high temperatures, these products are specifically designed to meet the most demanding specifications and performance standards. They bring ecological advantages to customers and downstream users.



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