How solutions from LANXESS help reduce weight – drivetrain examples

Car gas tank with a liner made from PA6
High-pressure containers can be produced much more easily and cost-effectively using plastic. With a coating made from continuous-fiber-reinforced plastic, they are up to 75% lighter than all-steel tanks – with the same loading capability

High-performance rubber for transmission belts

In comparison to conventional chain drives, rubber belts are not only lighter, but they increase engine life and fuel efficiency

Cylinder head covers made from glass-fiber-reinforced plastic
LANXESS Durethan® is a popular choice for this application thanks to its high temperature resistance and favorable surface qualitie

Car engine oil pans made from polyamide 66 for turbocharged engines
The engine oil pan made from polyamide 66 weighs about a kilogram less than a steel component solution; it is about 50% lighter than an aluminum version

Gearbox oil pans made from highly glass-fiber-reinforced polyamide 6
The high-tech material’s stiffness enables a very shallow design for the oil pan, making it even lighter

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