Corporate Responsibility

As a specialty chemicals company, how can LANXESS help to solve ecological and social problems? Can economical success and social value and benefit interact positively? LANXESS’s approach can be summed up by the sentence: What’s good for business is good for society.

LANXESS bears a major responsibility toward people and the environment. Our entrepreneurial activities reflect this sense of responsibility. Safety, environmental protection, social responsibility, quality and commercial efficiency are all key corporate goals at LANXESS.

LANXESS incorporated social responsibility into all aspects of the company's operations, from utilizing renewable raw material resources, optimizing production process to minimize the impact on the environment, continuously improving health, safety and environmental performance and developing environmentally friendly products and solutions. In addition, LANXESS actively support education. Over the past 10 years, LANXESS provided scholarships for more than 300 students from universities and high schools. LANXESS also donated self-developed experiment kits to elementary schools, covering more than 5,000students, to help them learn basic chemistry knowledge and develop their interest in exploring chemistry.



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