LANXESS Young Euro Classic China Concerts

Established in Berlin, Germany in 2000, the Young Euro Classic has now become a significant international music festival for young musicians. Every year during the music festival, young musicians from around the world come to Berlin’s Gendarmentmarkt Square. About 15 orchestra performances are staged every year, including symphony classics, national music treasures and modern orchestra works.

The similarity between classic music and chemistry is that they are both the product of extraordinary innovation by human beings. Sponsoring and supporting young musicians reflects LANXESS’ long-term commitment to support the development of talented youngsters and fulfilling the corporate social responsibilities.


The music festival is a perfect combination of classic and fashion, presenting not only classic music, but also original music works composed particularly for the festival by these musicians. LANXESS itself also stands for a combination of young company and long history. Founded in 2005, LANXESS, as a global player in chemical industry, has strong roots reaching as far back as 1863. It has more than 140 years of dedication to the development of cutting-edge technology in the chemical industry.


Since 2007 when LANXESS introduced Young Euro Classic into China, the event has magnetized the most talented young musicians from Germany and China to perform in China’s major cities every year.  To bring together young people from different cultures through traditional and contemporary music of the highest quality – that was the inspiration for the “LANXESS young.euro.classic China Festival”. LANXESS is convinced that commitment to culture and society of this nature is in extricable with economic activity – whether this be in questions of ecology, education or culture.

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