Scholarship to support the development of China’s leather industry

Since LANXESS Chemical (China) Ltd. was established in 2005, the company has been offering scholarships to the School of Resource and Environment (SRE) of Shaanxi University of Science and Technology (SUST) to facilitate the advancement of China’s leather industry through supporting the development of experts and talents.

Each year, a total of 25 top students will receive the scholarship or awards while eligible students can get one-month long training from LANXESS.  

“We are pleased that we could do our part to support the development of these outstanding students. We believe young qualified talents are a basic prerequisite for the future advancement of China’s leather industry,” said Sean Shao, Manager of Marketing & Sales of Leather business unit in China.

SRE is a major base for cultivating scientific and technological talents in leather industry and has made great contributions to promoting the development of China’s leather technology. By cooperating with SRE, LANXESS underlines its commitment to education and care about talents and people as LANXESS sees education to the next generation a vital part to sustainable development of the chemical industry.

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