LANXESS to become Climate Neutral by 2040

LANXESS to become Climate Neutral by 2040

We want to become climate-neutral by 2040. To achieve this, we have developed a clear strategy and have already launched the first major projects. With this new goal, we are building on our established and successful commitment to climate protection. However, we cannot achieve climate neutrality on our own. We rely on political support.


Climate Neutrality: No time to waste

The Paris climate agreement provides for limiting the increase in the global average temperature to a maximum of 2° Celsius in order to reduce negative effects on people and the environment. The sooner we act, the more room we have to maneuver. That’s why LANXESS is committed to this climate target and takes its responsibility seriously. Since our founding in 2004, we have already halved our emissions – from 6.5 million metric tons of CO2 equivalents to 3.2 million metric tons. Now we are taking the second step: LANXESS will become climate-neutral by 2040.


Climate neutrality means

reducing emissions drastically from the company’s own sources,

purchasing only very low-emission or climate-neutral energy,

lowering emissions from 3.2 million tons to less than 300,000 tons by 2040,

and neutralizing these residual emissions through compensation measures.


Chemistry is one of the most energy-intensive industries. Since 1990 it has made great strides in achieving energy efficiency. According to a study by the German Chemical Industry Association, production has risen by 69 percent since then. By contrast, energy consumption has fallen by 14 percent and greenhouse gas emissions by as much as 48 percent. LANXESS has always formulated and reached its own ambitious milestones.