Young People Talking about Water

Sun Xiao

The second prize winner of the first Water Competition and now an employee at LANXESS

My name is Sun Xiao, and I graduated from East China University of Science and Technology with a major in environmental engineering.

When I was just an ordinary student at school in 2015, I saw LANXESS’ recruitment post for the Water Competition by chance. At that time, I was attracted by the words “LANXESS”,“water”,“financial support” and  “internship”, and this was the start of my story with LANXESS. 

At that time, I observed that peanut shells had excellent adsorption capacities, so I chose “Absorption of Phosphorus in Water with Peanut Shells as Main Materials” as my entry. It happened that LANXESS also had related dephosphorization materials, so I compared my experimental results with LANXESS’ products.

I found that my experimental materials were not a quarter as good as LANXESS’ commercialized products, which gave me tremendous motivation to further improve and optimize my materials. Meanwhile, I extremely admired the high quality of LANXESS’ products. Throughout the project cycle, I was carefully guided and helped by LANXESS’ professional tutors. Finally, our team won the second prize. 

To my surprise, I received a call from LANXESS’ Liquid Purification Technology Business Unit before I graduated, asking me if I was interested in joining LANXESS. Now, as an employee of LANXESS, I have also participated in the Water Competition as a volunteer, providing the students with theoretical and practical support in water treatment.

From an entrant to a member of LANXESS, I have given full play to my professional knowledge, and became abler to contribute to environment improvement.

Ning Xue

Striving to fulfill the dream of environmental protection

My name is Ning Xue. I graduated from College of Environmental Science and Engineering of Tongji University with a bachelor degree, and continued my studies at Tsinghua University.I remember that in 2015, I learned from my mentor that LANXESS was going to hold the Water Competition.


I was surprised because few companies were willing to fund this kind of research competition and support university students to solve social problems. I was very interested in the competition from the very beginning, because it was related to my major, and also I found a platform to apply my knowledge and realize my ideas.


At that time, our team’s proposal was to design a new sewage treatment mode based on the concept of future-oriented sewage treatment plants in response to existing pollution problems. Then we found that the seemingly simple idea was difficult to be put into practice due to our lack of expertise.


Although we encountered many problems in the project, the volunteer tutors from LANXESS helped us a lot. All these made me clearly understand that my own expertise reserve was still insufficient and needed to be improved, which further strengthened my determination to continue my studies. 


It was this competition that gave me a deep understanding of and a strong interest in the water treatment industry. Now I have selected water treatment as my research field.


Nowadays, China is paying more and more attention to environmental protection. I hope that I can become more powerful, and use my actions to prove that “Clean Water for Better Life” is not just a slogan.

Zhang Jiyu

Continuing to contribute water resources protection plans

I’m Zhang Jiyu, a graduate of Tongji University with a major in environmental science. The first time I got to know LANXESS and the Water Competition was during my second year at university.


A senior who had participated in the competition recommended it to us, saying that the organizer LANXESS was one of the most responsible companies she had ever met. Therefore, I registered for the second Water Competition with the thought of developing my ability and understanding of professional applications.


Our project was modifying red mud to help upstream and downstream enterprises to deal with red mud and reduce the cost of industrial wastewater treatment. I had never thought that this project would last for three years. Many people have asked me why I participated in the same competition for three consecutive years. In fact, the reason is very simple: no other activities can give us so much support and help as this competition does.


First of all, LANXESS provided us with tutors. Our project was only in the experimental stage and we didn’t know about its real application, so we needed to communicate with the tutors to understand the market application situations. The second was financial support. Our project needed long-term experimental raw material purchase and sample testing, but our university only provided limited funds, so the financial support from LANXESS played a crucial role in the development of our experiments. 


Our team won the first prize at the third Water Competition. At the award ceremony, LANXESS President Ming Cheng Chien personally presented the award to us, and we had the honor to introduce our project to the leaders of LANXESS. At the end, President Chien kindly said to us, “I believe you can make it!” I will never forget this affirmation and encouragement. 

Cheng Ying

Applying knowledge to address the crisis of water resources management

I am Cheng Ying. I participated in the fourth Water Competition in 2018 and won the first prize. The project of our team was “Water Resources Safety Crisis of Caohai and Improvement of Management Method”.


There were many reasons for choosing Caohai (the largest plateau natural freshwater lake in Guizhou Province) in my hometown as the research object. Firstly, I wanted to let more people know Caohai. Secondly, I wanted to make the knowledge I had learned really generate value. The third and most important reason was that, my alma mater, Weining County No. 3 Middle School, is located on the left side of Caohai Wharf, and I can overlook the entire lake from the teaching building.


However, along with urbanization and industrialization, the water quality of the lake inevitably deteriorated, and I always heard some tourists’ negative comments on the lake every time I went there. So I was thinking about doing something for Caohai, and the Water Competition provided me a good platform. 


Through the Water Competition as a platform, we got a preliminary understanding of the clean water technology, got help to carry out the project, and contributed to the cleaning of Caohai. If you want a theme of our project, I think “Quality Works” is most suitable.


Actually, before the launch of our project, the local government had already carried out multiple treatments on Caohai. Our plan of producing organic carbon with wilted irises further optimized the water treatment of Caohai, and improved water quality. This not only turned waste into treasure, but also represented greater contributions to my hometown and society in the pursuit of better water quality. What is more, I have better understood “Quality Works”, and made up my mind to keep working hard and make a modest contribution to water management in my hometown.

Yin Pengyu

All for clean water and better life

My name is Yin Pengyu, from Jinan, Shandong Province. I’m a junior majoring in biotechnology at Yunnan Minzu University. In 2020, I led a team to participate in the Water Competition held by LANXESS. We were lucky enough to win the first prize, and I also got the internship opportunity at LANXESS’ Shanghai headquarters.


The project of our team was “Water quality survey of Kunming Reservoir, Yunnan Province-taking Songhuaba Reservoir as a study case”. We selected Songmao Reservoir in Kunming City as the research site, and took samples from water inlets, the reservoir, water outlets and surrounding villages, involving four aspects including agricultural water, industrial water, domestic water and aquaculture water.


To familiarize more people with water safety knowledge, we publicized such knowledge there and requested the local government to give suggestions for improvement. After returning to the university, we gave a lecture on the project.


It is my dream to measure China with my feet. The funds and technical support from LANXESS enabled me to practice my ideas, and during the practice I realized that scientific research in the laboratory can serve as a tool for analyzing social issues. Our biggest gains include public participation, expanded influence and real changes brought to the local area.


After the competition, we luckily obtained the opportunity for an internship at LANXESS’ headquarters in Shanghai. Working at Liquid Purification Technologies business unit, we managed to put theory into practice and contribute to the profitability analysis of the industry. During the entire internship process, my colleagues communicated with us very friendly and naturally, and they were very professional and rigorous in their work. I hope to make myself better in the future, just like them.


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