How solutions from LANXESS help reduce weight – interior examples

Tepex® housings for passenger airbags
The thickness of the side walls can be reduced from 3-4 mm to 0.5-1 mm by using Tepex® hybrid technology – without compromising on stiffness or strength. This results in a casing that is 30% lighter than designs made from injection-molded thermoplastics

Car brake pedals using Tepex® hybrid technology
The world’s first polyamide brake pedal reinforced with continuous glass fibers and designed for mass production. It is roughly 50% lighter than comparable traditional steel brake pedals, but just as mechanically strong

Lighter leather
LANXESS products accompany all stages of leather manufacturing. The innovative X-Lite® process enables high-quality leather to be produced that is up to 20% lighter Plastic seat structures. In comparison to seat structures made from plastic alone, Tepex® inlays can reduce the weight of car seat components by up to 50%.

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