Green Mobility Public Day

LANXESS held “Green Mobility Public Day” at Jiading Shanghai on June 2, 2012 alongside with China Business News (CBN) and Shanghai International Automobile City. Themed of "Green Mobility", the whole day event attracted more than 1,000 participants from neighboring communities as well as LANXESS employees to experience green mobility in daily life.


An eye catcher of the whole day event is the LANXESS Green Mobility Children Painting Competition. More than 300 local kids with ages ranging from 3-8 years participated in the competition with the topic of “a green world in children’s eyes”. They expressed a particular view about a green future world with their colorful drawings and imagination. Selected painting works from this competition will be displayed at Mobility Day China on September 6, 2012.


Known as an auto hub with entire industry chain, Shanghai International Automobile City in Jiading gave the event a right atmosphere of green mobility. During the Public Day, participants had the opportunity for hands-on experiences of green mobility. A visit to Shanghai Car museum tells the story of the rapid expanding automotive industry in China, while a test drive on E-vehicle gives visitors an insight into the world of sustainable mobility.


By hosting Green Mobility Public Day, LANXESS helps to generate awareness of sustainable mobility among general public, as individual lifestyle with sustainability is of great importance of the future mobility.