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Butyl rubbers are copolymers of isobutylene with small amounts of isoprene. The incorporation of isoprene creates double bonds allowing vulcanization with sulfur and other agents. LANXESS Butyl's vulcanizate properties make it specially suitable for a variety of rubber products, such as tire inner tubes, curing bladders, and protective clothing, where the following properties are required:

Business Unit: Tire & Specialty Rubbers

Key Properties:

  • high impermeability
  • high resistance to heat
  • high resistance to ozone and weathering
  • high energy absorption

Provided that compounds based on any of these rubbers are correctly formulated and processed, the vulcanizates have excellent resistance to weathering, ozone, and hot air; very good resistance to acidic and basic chemicals; very low permeability to gases and liquids; and good rheological properties.

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